hi guys ! Kara here, just wanted to let all of you know that the previous owner of this blog has generously handed it over to me. So, expect more Phineas&Ferb things soon :) ill do the best I can !

aylahasbeetus asked: Do you have to delete it? Can you just leave it floating in internet land for future Phineas & Ferb fans to discover? I haven't seen the show in quite a while either but I still love it and looking at this tumblr makes me smile.

Well, if it makes people happy then okay I’ll leave it here :)

thesmartcaveman asked: Other then that your blog is AMAAAAAAAZING!!

thesmartcaveman asked: I just went through your WHOLE blog and read every number of favorite phineas and ferb thingies, and maybe I didn't notice it but, you didn't do the quote, "There you are perry!" haha :)

ducky momo appreciation post


Here’s a super-cute Baby Perry to celebrate 100th P&F Thing!

i-am-starkid-hear-me-smash-deac asked: Your blog is awesome!! :)

awww thanks!


Look what came in my mail today! :D I won a Disney contest and got this cool P&F board game!

notjustatown-deactivated2013102 asked: Thank you! <3

You’re welcome! :)